Santa Teresa 

With no army and more than 100 years of peace, Costa Rica has an established policy of nature conservation. With many parks and reserves that protect diverse tropical flora, the country has many animal species that are only found here. Santa Teresa is located at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, near the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, in a quiet area of ​​forest that is still mostly untouched. The forest reaches uninterrupted sandy beach where the ideal conditions to learn to surf. It is very common to see many animals like squirrels, iguanas, monkeys, pelicans, crabs colored insects, moths, geckos, crocodiles, and many different types of birds and marine animals. 

Atv Rent

One of the great ways to explore the surroundings of Santa Teresa is to rent ATV.  The roads are dusty and bumpy so the easy way to get around is by rent ATV and they are fun to have. You can find some spectacular places and see amazing Costa Rica animals.  You can drive along the beaches and have quick dip into the ocean. You can also explore rivers cascading through the forests with self-guided  ATVs.

To rent a quad you will be asked for your passport and driving license. The speed in town of Santa Teresa is 25k ATV rent can coast you around 45$ to 75$

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